Projects I am involved

An opensource community driven reporting platform.

Editor is a Drupal distribution created to make content management easier, more fun, and more efficient than ever. This project is funded by X-Team.

Deployment Manager
This module is focused on deployment of drupal instances using tags. You can deploy using github repo from any branches and tag it per deployment. If deployment status is not ok you can roll back to any previous tags.

Undine is a cross-platform turnkey Drupal development VM based on the Acquia Cloud. The goal of the Undine project is to quickly provide a powerful, consistent environment to both new and experienced Drupalistas.

Imageinfo Cache
Imageinfo Cache will generate image styles right after an image is uploaded and also on entity save.

Acquia Cloud VDD
A local VM development environment for Drupalistas based on newest Acquia platform. This project utilizes Virtualbox, Vagrant and Puppet.

Vagrant Drupal Development
Vagrant Drupal Development (VDD) is a fully configured and ready to use development environment built on Linux (Ubuntu 12) with Vagrant, VirtualBox and Chef Solo provisioner.